LeadingAge President and CEO, Larry Minnix, Receives Kahn Award

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 Masterpiece Living is proud to present this year's Kahn Award to LeadingAge President and CEO, Larry Minnix. For more than forty years, Minnix has been instrumental in cultivating a shift from a traditional care model to one that promotes healthy aging, while remaining committed to the roots of aging services. He is a visionary for CCRC's becoming centers for healthy aging.

The Robert L. Kahn award was established in 2008 by the Masterpiece Alliance Foundation to recognize exceptional contributions to the propagation and application of the principles of successful aging. Recipients of the Kahn award are leaders in shaping societal views of aging, identifying and tapping the unique human potential of older adults and contributing to the cultural transformation of the aging field. Robert L. Kahn award recipients have demonstrated a personal devotion to aging successfully and a professional commitment to leading a movement of change in the United States, which ultimately results in an increased quality of life for every older adult. A life-long passion for older adults and the unique ability to lead the charge to change aging in our country are key attributes of a Robert L. Kahn award recipient.

"Larry's unyielding commitment to enhancing the aging services field has been evident throughout his career and has forever changed the aging experience in the United States," Masterpiece Living President, Dr. Roger Landry, said. "The branding of LeadingAge is one of the major milestones of the paradigm change made in the nonprofit aging services field; changes which have permeated throughout the industry, shifting the focus to quality improvement, technology and research application and innovation."

Dr. Robert Kahn was the first recipient of the namesake award at the first annual Masterpiece Living Lyceum in February of 2008. Subsequent winners include Dr. Harry Moody, Dr. Toni Antonucci and Dr. Bill Thomas.   



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