Located in Central Indiana, MedScript LTC Pharmacy is dedicated to providing safe, quality medications to senior living communities. Our staff members work directly with facilities nursing staff and administrators to provide for positive resident outcomes and high clinical care, while maintaining regulatory compliance and cost management. That dedication starts with offering live phone answering, rapid response time, and dedicated points of contact for our customers. MedScript LTC is the right size to offer individual customer care, innovative technology, and accurate, timely medications. We encourage you to tour our pharmacy, view our facilities and innovative technology, and meet our talented team members.

Lacy Beyl & Company is a professional consulting company that specializes in assisting healthcare organizations in the pursuit of improving quality of care and quality of life of those we serve.  Lacy Beyl & Company provides a variety of products and services including consultation in the areas of nursing, social service, activity, QIDP, MDS, administration, behavior management, survey compliance, mock surveys, interim staffing, project management, dementia training, program evaluation and customized educational programs.  




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