Eric Essley


  • Overall Association Management
  • Advocacy, Federal/State Government
  • Collaboration: Legislature, FSSA, Division on Aging, IDOH, Other Agencies
  • Public Relations
  • Strategic Plan

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Tina Bowman

Vice President, Operations

  • Association Operations Management
  • Office Administration, Building, Membership, Personnel
  • Marketing/Communications
  • Member Relations and Membership Benefit Fulfillment
  • LeadingAge Indiana PAC (LAIPAC), Indiana Assisted Living Association PAC (INALA PAC)
  • Finance - Invoicing and Dues
  • Contracts
  • Equipment, Building and Grounds

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Ashley Sabins

Events and Member Services Director

  • Education
  • Conferences and Events
  • Member Products - 5 Star, Directory
  • Awards Program
  • Membership Database
  • Website Management
  • CEU Tracking

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Dan Kenyon

Executive Director, INALA & IHPCO

  • INALA and IHPCO Communications
  • Advocacy, Federal/State Government
  • Collaborations
  • Public Relations

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Pete Thompson


  • Association Financial Management
  • Budget, Audit
  • Indiana Assisted Living Association & Indiana Hospice & Palliative Care Association Finances

Becky Bartle

Compliance and Regulatory Affairs Consultant

  • Clinical and Regulatory Support
  • Wound Prevention and Documentation
  • Compliance

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