Consumer FAQ

What are my parents rights now that they are being provided care through a service provider?
Your parents still have the same rights as any adult, and have not diminished because they begin to have care services, or now live in a senior care environment.  To the contrary, there are additional laws which further protect vulnerable adults and afford additional rights. Right to privacy, be free from abuse and neglect are just a couple.  If your loved one is in a nursing home, they have even more Rights as a Nursing Home Resident.  
Could my loved one be happy in a senior housing center or community?
There are some who prefer the solitude and familiarity of living at home.  However, many seniors truly enjoy the activities and community felt by being part of a group. As one senior stated: "I was at home watching tv. Now I have friends, I visit friends. We play cards and do things together. Why would I want to go home?" 
My parent or loved one has dementia/Alzheimer's; what should I do?
Many of our members provide services for your loved one and support groups for you and your family.  Search our site for local providers of memory care services.  You can access support groups and Alzheimer's information at
How can I get help with housing?
There are several programs available for affordable housing for those on a limited budget.  Housing and Urban Development offers several options.