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  • Barnes & Thornburg

    11 South Meridian St.
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

    phone: 317-231-7224
    fax: 317-231-7433

    Barnes & Thornburg offers a wide range of legal services, including health care law, corporate and partnership law, financing and bond law, general litigation, real estate law, employee benefits law, and labor and employment law. The firm's labor and employment lawyers have a long history of representation of long-term care facilities and retirement communities in union organizing campaigns, unfair labor practice proceedings, employment discrimination matters, wage-hour matters, OSHA matters, affirmative action matters, and development of employment policies and handbooks. Our health care lawyers regularly defend clients in state and federal enforcement sanction proceedings and Medicare and Medcaid audit and rate setting disputes. Our staff includes a nurse attorney who assists clients in preparing plans of correction and IDR presentations. The firm also assists in planning, development, start-up, and expansion of nursing and assisted living facility operations. Our lawyers represent clients in virtually all aspects of corporate and real estate law, including acquisitions and purchases of long-term care facilities and organizations. Members of the firm also regularly represent clients in criminal and civil litigation involving health care providers.

  • Biocodex USA

    255 Shoreline Drive, Suite 450
    Redwood City, California 94065

    phone: 541-653-7863

    Biocodex is the manufacturer and distributor of a unique yeast-based probiotic, Florastor and Florastor Kids. Florastor contains the active ingredient Saccharomyces boulardii CNCM I-745, which has unique characteristics proven in over 60 years of clinical use and worldwide research.

  • BKD CPAs & Advisors

    201 N. Illinois Street, Suite 700
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

    phone: 317-383-4000
    fax: 317-383-4200

    BKD CPAs & Advisors serve approximately 1,600 long-term care and senior living clients throughout the U.S. Our health care professionals provide expertise on the unique financial and operational issues encountered by providers, helping them succeed in an ever-changing environment. Our services include audit, tax, Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement, case-mix consulting and profit enhancement, and clinical consulting relative to the MDS and case-mix. For more information, please contact: Kevin Pahud, kpahud@bkd.com Rick Mittman, rmittman@bkd.com

  • Blue & Co., LLC

    One American Square, #2200
    Box 82062
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46282

    phone: 317-633-4705
    fax: 317-633-4889

    Blue & Co., LLC is a regional CPA firm with healthcare offices in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. Blue & Co., LLC offers a full range of accounting/consulting services including traditional accounting/reimbursement, case mix/cost accounting, financial audits, and business office services.

  • Bradley & Associates, Inc.

    201 S. Capitol Ave., Suite 700
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46225

    phone: 317-237-5500
    fax: 317-237-5503

    Bradley & Associates, Inc., offers a unique blend of healthcare consulting services to long-term care and retirement facilities, due to our extensive background in providing Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement consulting, accounting, rate considerations, appeals, certificate of need applications, licensure and certification, auditing, computer, and tax services to a variety of healthcare providers in Indiana and over 20 other states. Our long-term care and retirement facility clients range from independent operators to six of the nation's top 50 chains. Bradley & Associates, Inc.'s CPAs/Consultants are committed to servicing the healthcare industry, in particular long-term care and retirement facilities.


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