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  • Omnicare Pharmacies of Indiana

    Indianapolis, Indiana

    fax: 800-828-7895
    toll free: 800-772-7096

    Every day Omnicare pharmacies work with long-term care facilities and assisted living communities to ensure our frail elderly live longer,healthier lives,as well as serving the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities. To our clients and their residents, Omnicare is much more than a pharmacy services provider - our goal is the optimum balance of clinically superior pharmaceutical care and true low cost. Most of all we base our care on the most clinically sound and effective expertise available in geriatrics. All that we do adds up to the kind of care that can only be called Omnicare.

  • On Sight Eye Consultants

    833 N. Cass St.
    Wabash, Indiana 46992

    phone: 260-571-9352
    fax: 260-569-9264

    On Sight is one of the leading in-home eye exam companies. Our own lab manufactures and fits our lenses into personally selected frames. Frames come engraved with the residents name and can be adjusted for a personal fit. Lost or broken beyond repair? We will provide full replacement.

  • OPOC.us

    300 West Wilson Bridge Rd. Suite 300
    Worthington, Ohio 43085

    phone: 614-318-2200
    fax: 614-431-1173
    toll free: 866-676-2871

    OPOC.us is an innovative retirement and employee benefits and cost containment consulting firm. We focus on preserving your company's health care dollar through unique, proprietary cost containment systems modeled after the large Fortune 500 companies. While we service clients of all sizes, we focus our attention on the most ignored market segment - the small to mid-sized employer. These are companies that employ between 50 and 1,000 employees. With our diverse industry experience, we can provide consulting and administrative services for your company on a direct basis as well as support and enhance your company's existing broker relationships.


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