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LeadingAge Indiana is an association that represents services and communities for older adults. Our members consist of non-profit and eligible proprietary organizations that provide high-quality health care services, daily living services and housing for almost 30,000 elders in Indiana.

Our primary purpose is to provide innovative leadership through a wealth of information, services, training and networking opportunities to member organizations.  LeadingAge Indiana has the necessary resources to help our members, government officials, related organizations and community members make more informed decisions regarding health care and housing issues for older adults.

LeadingAge Indiana members represent the continuum of long-term care services and housing for seniors.  Our membership consists of five major components:

  • Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)
  • Senior Housing
  • Assisted Living
  • Nursing Facility
  • Hospital-Based Skilled Nursing Unit


Advocacy - LeadingAge Indiana serves as an advocate for its members in state general assembly meetings and regulatory agencies, as well as with a variety of other related organizations.

Information - LeadingAge Indiana regularly communicates with members through bi-weekly newsletters, email and fax blasts on time-sensitive issues, and through this web site.

Education - LeadingAge Indiana conducts conferences, seminars, webinars, nurse retreats and various regulatory seminars and trainings.

Networking - LeadingAge Indiana coordinates various roundtables, task forces, and committees.

Products and Services - LeadingAge Indiana provides a wealth of useful tools and opportunities for members including an annual wage/salary survey, shared services/group purchasing opportunities as well as various staff development programs.

NEW! Compliance and Regulatory Affairs - Becky Bartle serves as LeadingAge Indiana's Compliance and Regulatory Affairs consultant. If you have questions regarding regulatory compliance, clinical education, resident-centered care, quality issues, surveys, clinical issues or quality improvement, she can be reached at 317-691-8743.


Joining LeadingAge Indiana is easy!  Typically any facility for the elder population is eligible to join. To become a member, an organization simply determines the application(s) appropriate to their community.

Nonprofit Organizations:
Dues for nonprofits are based on a millage system.  Minimum dues are currently $350 dollars. Nonprofit applicants automatically become members of LeadingAge when they join LeadingAge Indiana.  They are our national association dedicated to the best interests of members across the country. Steps to join:

  1. Download appropriate LeadingAge Indiana application
  2. Download LeadingAge millage form
  3. Complete the forms and fax or mail to LeadingAge Indiana
  4. An invoice and member packet of current information will be sent to the organization contact

CCRC/Nursing Care Application
Housing/Assisted Living Application

Under Construction? Contact us for a special form.

Proprietary Organizations:
Dues for Subscriber Members are determined based on the number of licensed/unlicensed beds/units.  Applicants may call LeadingAge Indiana to determine the current dues rate.

Steps to join:

  1. Download LeadingAge Indiana Subscriber application
  2. Complete the form and fax or mail toLeadingAge Indiana
  3. An invoice and member packet of current information will be sent to the organization contact

Subscriber Application  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 317-733-2380.


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