Pre QCU Training: Emergency Preparedness


July 12, 2018


9:00 AM - 11:00 AM


Ritz Charles

There is a lot of information regarding how best to comply with the new CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule. From the initial hazard assessment to the training and testing of your staff, there are many opportunities that could impact your organization and your ability to efficiently and effectively respond to an emergency event. This session will give attendees an idea of the risks associated with the new CMS regulation, as well as guidance on how to minimize risk while maintaining compliance. Practical direction regarding best practices in emergency preparedness will also be shared. This session is NOT a detailed review of the regulation requirements, rather an organizational leadership overview summarizing the regulation and giving insight into ways to reduce organizational risk as you strive to meet requirements and position your organization to respond when emergencies strike. During this seminar, we will:

  • Complete a very high-level overview of the CMS Emergency Preparedness regulation.
  • Discuss some of the industry misconceptions regarding the rule.
  • Identify tips and tricks used in the risk management industry regarding the development of policies
  • and procedures and performance of testing exercises.
  • Discuss industry best practices regarding to emergency response.

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