ISDH Provides Annual Informal Dispute Statistics

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The Indiana State Department of Health has provided statistics on the number and results of informal dispute resolution requests for 2015 for both comprehensive and residential care facilities. 

IDR requests: In 2015 there were IDR requests for 116 survey reports with 193 tags.
Changes in tags resulting from IDR
66.84%  No change (last year 68%)
16.06%  Tags removed (last year 15%)
  7.25%  Scope and severity (s/s) changes (last year 3%)
  6.22%  Example removed (about the same as last year)
  0.0%      Tag change (last year 1.25%)
   6.22%   s/s change / example removed (last year .83%)
33.16% of requested reviews had some kind of change.
Type of review
57.76% were paper reviews (last year 61.29)
42.24% were face to face reviews (last year 38.71)
Scope and severity of requested reviews
s/s J-L— 3.36%  (last year 2.92%)
s/s G-I— 26.42 (last year 16.25%)
s/s D-F—56.99%  (last year 69.58%)
s/s A-C— 6.74%  (last year 6.67%)
s/s G-L— 30.05% (last year 19.17%)
IIDR was not included in the above statistics.  Here is the information about the independent informal dispute resolution requests:
3 in 2012;
2 in 2013;
3 in 2014;
1 in 2015.
There have been no changes in any of the IIDRs. In 2014, the IIDR contractor recommended a change in one tag. The recommendation was rejected by CMS.


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