Service Coordinator Renewals – ACT NOW!

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 HUD has indicated that any Service Coordinator (SC) grant that will expire and run out of money on or before 12/31/2015 should submit an extension request to the local field office by August 1. HUD is also processing renewals for grants that will expire through August. So any grantee in this category should submit their request/budget to the field office ASAP.

This year HUD is using an inflation factor of 1.7%. So grantees can submit a budget requesting an amount not to exceed a 1.7% increase over the amount they received last year. Grantees can submit their budgets to HUD at any time, but the cut off date will be August 1.

HUD staff are working on getting written guidance out but indicate that action is critical at the time. Requests for extensions can be accomplished by submitting a cover letter and a completed form HUD-91186-A. Until such time as new guidance is available, please refer to the FY2013 Grant Extension procedures.

Historically, Service Coordinator grantees must use any available residual receipts prior to receiving additional grant funds. This may be impacted by recent changes to policy regarding PRAC residual receipts (see below). Anyone having difficulty securing funds from residual receipts for SC contract extensions is asked to please advise Colleen Bloom ( at LeadingAge ASAP.

Owners should always submit requests to their HUD field staff at least 120 days before their grant funds completely runs out of money.


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