Update 2/28/2018

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At the time of this writing there are several crucial legislative and regulatory decisions being made at the Statehouse and LeadingAge Indiana is front and center to represent your interests on these matters. 
At the top of the list is the discussion of how an entity may add new Medicaid comprehensive care beds in Indiana if a need is demonstrated where there is currently a building moratorium until June 30, 2019.  SB 190 Certificate of Need , supported by LeadingAge Indiana, passed the House of Representatives could find its way onto Governor Holcomb’s desk for signature very soon.  If approved it would replace the moratorium with a permanent certificate on need program administrated by the Indiana State Department of Health.  The current moratorium would be extended until such time that ISDH adopts rules to administer the program.  
SB 421 Assisted Living Matters is advancing its way to the final stage of legislation in a conference
committee after passing both the House and Senate.  This is language supported by LeadingAge Indiana and would support providers that have enrolled with the State and provide services under a Medicaid Waiver arrangement through clarifying several areas where confusion exists today such as lease agreements, physical plant requirements and level of care.  There is more work to do on this bill and will most likely not be resolved until late in the session set to end March 14.
You might have heard that FSSA was considering shortening the fee for service Medicare claim filing deadline from 365 days to 90.  I am happy to report that following a meeting of providers and FSSA on February 23 where information gained from members like you, I was informed days later that our concerns, and concerns from other provider associations, were heard and the decision was made to use 180 days as the deadline instead of 90.  It should be known that only 5% or fewer of claims are filed beyond 90 days as reported by Medicaid today.  There will also be an effort to work with providers to reduce errors in the system to ensure better compliance.  The proposed rule effective date was also agreed to be delayed until January 1, 2019.

A more comprehensive listing of legislative action will be included in our first opportunity following the Indiana General Assembly adjournment set to occur no later than March 14.  
A special thank you to our friends at Otterbein Franklin Senior Life Community and Keith Van Deman, Executive Director, for taking time out of his day to visit with Congressman Trey Hollingsworth.  This time was well spent informing the Congressman of issues dealing with workforce, CMS rules and regs including the 3 day observation requirement.  


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